Famous People Who Were Born in, Lived in or Live in Connecticut

Not surprisingly with its long history and proximity to New York, a good many famous people were born in, lived in or live in Connecticut today. To make it easier to find someone in whom you're interested, we broke the list of famous people in or from Connecticut down by categories.

It's interesting to note how many artists, actors, directors, musicians and producers live here. That's particularly true in Fairfield County, which is considered a bedroom community to New York City. If they're not in New York, California or on location to shoot a film, they enjoy their down time in gated communities or large plot of land where they can relax.

There are a good many writers here, as well, who find the quaint, bucolic nature of the state composed and quiet as the ideal place to write. That includes our friend Dominick Dunne, who was born in Hartford, made friends with Steven Sondheim at college, saw Broadway and became a Hollywood icon and then a best-selling novelist and columnist for Vanity Fairmagazine.

There are people here who live in or have lived in more than one Connecticut town. In those cases we've listed all of the towns in which they've lived or are living now.

Immediately below are those who fall into the ranks of the "Most Famous" by category and Sub-Category These are people known widely here in the United States and in some other countries. If you disagree with any we list or find us in error for not listing one of your favorite people, please let us know by sending and email to: and we'll let you know if we agree. If we do, that famous person will go on the list. It's difficult to choose one person on the list and not another. The criteria are based on the degree of fame a person has. I know that sounds nebulous, but some people are more famous than others.

Actors, Directors Business Moguls Musicians
Athletes Journalists Politicians & Statesmen
Authors Military Heroes Religious Leaders
Actors, Directors, Producers, Entertainers
Carol Alt, Greenwich
Lauren Ambrose, New Haven
Kevin Bacon, Sharon
Ed Begley, Hartford
Richard Belzer, Bridgeport
John Billingsley, Weston
Victor Borge, Greenwich
Ernest Borgnine, Hamden
Jesse Bradford, Norwalk
Jonathan Brandis, Danbury
Alex Breckenridge, Darien
Amy Brenneman, Glastonbury
Brooke Brodack, Putnam
Gary Burghoff, Bristol
David Canary, Wilton
Glenn Close, Greenwich
Bob Crane, Waterbury
Kathy Lee (Crosby) Gifford,
Paul Dano, Wilton
Brian Dennehy, Woodstock
Allie DiMeco, Waterbury
Matt Durning, Branford
Linda Evans, Hartford
Mark Famiglietti, Clinton
Eileen Farrell, Willimantic
Michael J. Fox, Sharon
Mel Gibson, Grenewich
Paul Giamatti, New Haven
William Gillette, Hartford
Katherine Heigl, New Canaan
Katharine Hepburn, Hartford,
    Old Saybrook
Ron Howard, Greenwich
Elia Kazan, Newtown
Ted Knight, Terryville
David LaChapelle, Fairfield
Eriq La Salle, Hartford
David Letterman, New Canaan
Al Lewis, Greenwich
Justin Long, Fairfield
Christopher Lloyd, Stamford
Seth MacFarlane, Kent
Dylan McDermott, Waterbury
Stephanie McMahon, Hartford
Robert Mitchum, Bridgeport
Ellen Muth, Milford
David Naughton, Hartford
Kevin Nealon, Bridgeport
Paul Newman, Westport
Fred Norris, Willimantic
Ron Palillo, Cheshire
Joe Pantoliano, Stamford,
Tracy Pollan, Sharon
Christy Carlson Romano, Milford
John Ratzenberger, Bridgeport
Diana Ross, Greenwich
Rosalind Russell, Waterbury
Meg Ryan, Bethel
Annabella Sciorra, Wethersfield
Kyra Sedgwick, Sharon
Chloe Sevigny, Darien
Meryl Streep, Greenwich
James Van Der Beek, Cheshire
Christopher Walken, Wilton
Treat Williams, Norwalk
Joanne Woodward, Westport


Brian Dayett, New London
James Blake, Fairfield
Scott Burrell, Hamden
Marcus Camby, Hartford
Walter Camp, New Britain
Chris Clark, Manchester
Jaidon Codrington, Bridgeport
Ron Dreshner, Greenwich
Chris Drury, Trumbull
Patrick Ewing, Greenwich
Dwight Freeney, Bloomfield
Frank Gifford, Greenwich
Ryan Gomes, Waterbury
Dorothy Hamill, Riverside
Anttaj Hawthorne, Hamden
JJ Henry, Fairfield
Bruce Jenner, Newtown
JJay Johnstone, Manchester
Tebucky Jones, New Britain
Kristine Lilly, Wilton
Joey Logano, Middletown
Rick Mahorn, Hartford
Calvin Murphy, Norwalk
Jerry Nadeau, Danbury
Willie Pep, Middletown
Jimmy Piersall, Waterbury
Jackie Robinson, New Canaan
Randy Rasmussen, Wilton
Andy Robustelli, Stamford
Bill Romanowski, Vernon
Scott Sharp, Norwalk
Jim Shea, Jr., West Hartford
Jeff Simmons, Hartford
Tim Teuffel, Greenwich
Mike Tyson, Farmington
Bobby Valentine, Stamford
Mo Vaughn, Norwalk
Steve Young, Greenwich


Joel Barlow, Redding
A. Scott Berg, Norwalk
Joseph P. Brennan, Bridgeport, New Haven
William F. Buckley, Jr., Stamford
Candace Bushnell, Glastonbury
Al Capp, New Haven
Echo Chernik, Ellington
Dominick Dunne, Hartford
John Gregory Dunne, Hartford
Charlotte P. Gilman, Hartford
John Frederick Kensett, Cheshire
Charles H. Kraft
Annie Leibovitz, Waterbury
Ira Levin, Wilton
Sol Lewitt, Hartford
Arthur Miller, Roxbury
Emily C. Neville, Manchester
Kenneth Pike, Woodstock
Charles Ethan Porter, Hartford
E. Annie Proulx, Norwich
Armstrong Sperry, Stamford
Harriet Beecher Stowe,
Dr. Benjamin Spock, New Haven
Arthur Szyk, New Canaan
Alton Tobey, Middletown
Mark Twain, Hartford, Redding
Noah Webster, West Hartford


Business Moguls
Jefferson F Allen, Westport
Moses Austin, Durham
Phineas Taylor Barnum, Bridgeport,
Henry Alfred Bishop, Bridgeport
David Bushnell, Saybrook
Samuel Colt, Hartford
Ray Dalio, Greenwich, Westport
Bern Dibner, Wilton
John Fitch, Hartford
Josiah W. Gibbs, New Haven
Charles Goodyear, New Haven
James J. Greco, Cheshire
Robert N. Hall, New Haven
Collis Potter Huntington,
Jeffrey R. Immelt, New Canaan
Mary Dixon Kies, South Killingly
Edwin H. Land, Hartford
J. P. Morgan, Hartford
Victor Niederhoffer, Weston
Frederick Law Olmsted,
Kenneth H. Olsen, Stratford
Joseph Earl Sheffield, Southport
Igor Sikorsky, Stratford
Alfred P. Sloan, New Haven
Christopher Spencer,
Martha Stewart, Westport
Nathaniel Wheeler, Bridgeport
Eli Whitney, New Haven
Robert C. Wright, Southport
Eli Terry, East Windsor
Donald Trump, Greenwich
Dana White, Manchester
Thomas Watson, Greenwich
Oliver Fisher Winchester,
    New Haven


Joesph Alsop, Hartford, Haddam
Stewart Alsop, Hartford,
Chris Berman, Greenwich,
Ann Coulter, New Canaan
James H. Hyde, Greenwich
Laura Ingraham, Glastonbury
Kenny Mayne, Bethel
Dan Patrick, Milford
Andy Rooney, Norwalk


Military Heroes
Ethan Allen, Litchfield
Benedict Arnold, Norwich
John Brown, Torrington
Daniel C. Burbank, Manchester
John Butler, New London
Nathan Hale, Coventry
David Humphreys, Derby
Israel Putnam, Putney
John Trumbull, Lebanon
James Wadsworth, Durham


50 Cent, Farmington
Michael Bolton, New Haven
Dave Brubeck, Wilton
Karen Carpenter, New Haven
Richard Carpenter, New Haven
Cassie, New London
Chris Carrabba, Hartford
The Chambers Brothers,
Rivers Cuomo, Storrs
Julia DeMato, Brookfield
Jose Feliciano, Westport
Charles Edward Ives, Danbury
John Mayer, Fairfield
Syesha Mercado, Bridgeport
Mark McGrath, Hartford
Moby, Darien
Thurston Moore, Bethel
Liz Phair, New Haven
Gene Pitney, Hartford
Rosa Ponselle, Meriden
Dawn Robinson, New London
Nile Rodgers, Westport
Diana Ross, Greenwich
Emily Saliers, New Haven
John Scofield, Wilton
Steve Stevens, Hartford


Dean Acheson, Middletown
Roger Sherman Baldwin,
   New Haven
George H.W. Bush, Greenwich
George W. Bush, New Haven
Prescott Bush, Greenwich
Orlow W. Chapman, Ellington
Joe Courtney, Hartford
Rosa DeLauro, New Haven
Anna Eshoo, New Britain
Porter J. Goss, Waterbury
Ella T. Grasso, Windsor Locks
Galusha A. Grow, Ashford
Samuel Huntingon, Windham
William Hyde, Hartford
John Larson, East Hartford
Joe Lieberman, Stamford
Ralph Nader, Winsted
Frederick W. Pitkin, Manchester
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.,
    New Haven
Abraham A. Ribicoff,
   New Britain
Chris Shays, Stamford
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend,
Jonathan Trumbull, Lebanon
Lowell Weicker, Greenwich
Gideon Welles, Glastonbury
Oliver Wolcott, Windsor


Religious Leaders
Henry Ward Beecher, Litchfield
William S. Coffin, New Haven
Jonathan Edwards, Hartford
Thomas Hooker, Hartford,
Kenneth Pike, Woodstock
Henry Weston Smith, Ellington
Ed & Lorraine Warren, Monroe
John Zaffis, Stratford




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