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His Life in His Own Words

EXCLUSIVE! Dominick Dunne's life story is one packed with remarkable highs and unimagineable lows, yet he has persevered through it all to be a quintessential survivor. He recently spent time with NewEnglandTimes.Com's Jim & Terry Hyde to recount a unique life that has sampled every aspect of what life is all about. Read the exclusive interview.

Things You Need to Know
When Hiking Off Trail


Hiking is a timeless activity that endures from generation to generation. In fact, it grows in popularity year over year, and the technology with it. For many, though, following a preset trail provides confidence that one will find their way back home, but it may not leave much to the imagination. Hiking off trail is where the true excitement is. But doing so is not without its risk. Read the article here.

SPECTACULAR PHOTOGRAPHS OF NEW ENGLAND. All of the photographs in our Photo Galleries are available for sale. You can order them printed, printed and framed or you can download the full-size photograph. And, if you have a favorite inspirational saying you'd like on them, we'll add it for you. For information about any of the photos in the gallery, please send an e-mail to and I'll reply to it promptly. Please specifcy the photo in which you're interested.

Terry Hyde's Photo Gallery
New England Winter Wonderland
What a difference a day makes--blizzard one day and sunny the next. There is still a generous amount of snow on the mountains and the skiing is great, but won't be for much longer. If you like the snow, visit Terry Hyde's winter photo gallery.

Sarah Breeyear's Photo GalleryPhotos of the Maine Shoreline
Sarah Breeyear, our Director of Photography, spent time in Maine this fall and took some extraordinary photos of the land, sea and birds. These pictures demonstrate what makes New England so special.

Barnum Pequot Plimouth Sturbridge Herreshoff Rough Point

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Dominick Dunne, an ExclusiveInterview
About His Remarkable Life

Noted novelist and Vanity Fair columnist, Dominick Dunne, has lived a life most people would find suitably fictitious, but hopelessly short on chance. Read the story.
Christmas Wasn't Always a New England Tradition
For many, New England imagery is what first appears to mind's eye at the mention of Christmas. But it wasn't always the right vision in Vermont. Putting a partridge in a pear tree on December 25th could land you in the stocks and a few shillings short. Read the story.
Six Great New England Museums
New England is a smorgasbord of museums; the region has amazing collections of everything from trolley cars to nuts. We have been chosen two from each of the Southern New England states. Each offers a wealth of information about their core topics. Read the story here.
The Barnum Museum,
Phineas Taylor Barnum was arguably the greatest showman of all time. He had a knack for finding and exhibiting unusual people, animals and a range of oddities, some of them hoaxes, such as the Feejee Mermaid. Read the story here.
The Herreshoff Marine Museum
The Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island, is hallowed ground for sailors worldwide as one of New England's greatest museums. Read the story
The Mashantucket Pequot Museum
The Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, in Mashantucket, Connecticut, is without doubt the world's largest and most comprehensive native american museum and research center in existence today. Read the story..
Old Sturbridge Village
Often referred to as "OSV," this is a "living history" village that functions very much as a New England village of the 1830s would have. Read the story.
Plimoth Plantation
New England is rich in many things; prevalent among them are history, art and a rich, diverse range of cultures. Read the story.
Rough Point
Rough Point, in Newport, Rhode Island, was one of Doris Duke's several very private retreats. Today, it gives a wonderful glimpse of the Gilded Age in Newport. Read the story.
Ten Important Thing you Should Know When Hiking Off Trail
To many adults looking for a break from the confines of the nine-to-five cubicle, the forest is as alluring as is an arcade to a kid who’s been in a classroom for too long. Read the story.
Don't Punish Vermont for the Poor Judgment of a Man on a Bench
When Edward Cashman sentenced a sexual predator and child rapist to sixty days in jail, he made headlines around the world, and the governor's office became the target of a tsunami-like response from people justifiably angry. Read the story here.
The British Invasion:
A Great New England Getaway for Motorcar Lovers

If you’re a fancier of British motorcars (or any old cars), there’s a real treat awaiting you. It occurs every September in Stowe, Vermont. Read the story.

Don't Punish Vermont for the Poor Judgment of a Man on a Bench
When Edward Cashman sentenced a sexual predator and child rapist to sixty days in jail, he made headlines around the world, and the governor's office became the target of a tsunami-like response from people justifiably angry. Most of them threatened to cross Vermont off their vacation lists and said they'd swear off Vermont-made products. We were just as outraged as all of them, but we ask that they don't punish Vermont for the atrocities of the man on a bench. Read the Editorial.

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Located in one of America’s most sensational, natural paradises, the Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa in Stowe, Vermont offers the ultimate, year-round vacation experience. With its celebrated world-class spa, luxurious accommodations, award-winning restaurants and friendly, attentive staff, the Stoweflake is unrivaled as one of New England’s premier spa/resort destination.

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Four Simple Steps to Planning the Perfect New England Getaway or Vacation.

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Terry Hyde's Photo Gallery


Sarah Breeyear's Photo Gallery

In the Beginning There Was Plymouth
Learn about how the Pilgrims built and established Plimoth Plantation. It was hardly an easy task, made all the more difficult by weather and failed crops. It's now a living history museum well worth the visit.

Things to See and Do Here you will find all types of events in each of the states our popular Museum Section
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Make Sure to Check the Weather Before you Come.
Mother Nature is a caprious old gal. If you don't like the weather, wait a while. That's the saying in the northern most New England states where the weather changes can be abrupt and tough to drive through, although the folks who clear the roads up here in winter do a smashing job.

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