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You'll notice that the menu at left lists all of the things to be seen and done during the fall in our New England Fall Foliage section and by state. We have a broad section through which to navigate, but there's a lot going on in the fall in New England, so we wanted to make sure you had all the information you need to come on up (or down) and have the time of your life.

Fall Trip Planning Page
After you've got all the fall foliage information you need, this NewEnglandTimes.com helps you prepare step-by-step through the planning process of your trip. It will give you all of the information you need to make a decision about where to find the most colorful fall foliage and put together a great trip plan. Here, too, are tips and ideas we've accumulated over many fall foliage seasons. We're sharing them with you to make sure you have a great trip, but also to suggest that you know what to look out for and where the New England fall foliage is best. They'll help make your stay better and your wallet a bit heavier than anticipated. Above all, come on up to escape the chaos and enjoy the peacefulness, color, fragrances, foods, as well as the places to go and things to see and do on the perfect fall excursion.

A Word From One Of Our Friends
"Thank you for the lovely suggestions that made our Vermont autumn trip a dream come true. Without your help we would not be the happy leaf-peepers that we are today! Mickey Shuman"

Mickey so enjoyed her trip that she created a truly magnificent and beautifully written post on her elegant blog, Random Ruminations, about it.

We highly recommend that you pay her "ruminations" a visit because we have rarely seen the essence of New England fall foliage so gorgeously captured in both words and design as we did at Mickey's blog. It's truly inspiring.

The States

Once you know when you can enjoy our famous New England fall foliage, you'll need to consider where the peak is likeliest to be at any given time during the season. That will help you decide which states to visit and in which order, as well as which cities and towns would be ideal for New England fall leaf-peeking, attractions and tours here. We list each state and provide which fall foliage activities are available, as well as fall foliage tours for each state.

Attractions in Each State

Once you've decided where you'd like to go, we offer the Attractions Section for each state in our New England fall foliage guide, which is loaded with a wide range of different activities. These include everything from picking your own apples to corn mazes to whale watching to taking the Alpine Slide at one of the ski resorts.

This guide for each state is particularly helpful if the trees are shedding leaves early. We want to give you something else to do in addition to taking in the colors or if the peak is past. The idea is to help you navigate around disappointment at all costs.

Whether you go alone or with others, you'll find yourself amply awed by the colors of the unique New England foliage, which rivals that of fall foliage almost anywhere else in the world, the sites and different places to visit, agritouring, corn mazes and a wide range of other fascinating places to see and things to do.

If you’d like to participate in the autumn harvest, fall and apples have been soul mates since the birth of the myth of Johnny Appleseed wandering the whole the region casting his seeds as he went. Pick your own pumpkins or berries and try to negotiate your way through a corn maze.

Tours Section in Each State
This offers you a variety of day-trip tours that will take you not only through incredible fall foliage countryside and flora, but you might just see some fauna, too. Fall is the rutting season. That it coincides with hunting season, which makes deer and moose a bit skittish, but you might see deer, moose or a bear, the latter of which will be gorging itself for winter hibernation during the fall foliage season.

Lodging in Each State

We also offer our NewEnglandTimes.Com Main Lodging Section. There you'll find more B&B inns, hotels, spas and resorts that are all the better during the fall foliage season.

However you choose to enjoy this annual spectacle, you won’t be disappointed. But, keep in mind that New England foliage season is a busy time of year, so you need to start planning and making arrangements as soon as you can. In some cases, room are booked a year before the fall foliage se3ason begins. The best bet is to reserve a room for early October in northern New England and mid- to late October for the southern part of New England.

Each state is represented by a a variety of links. Click on them to find attractions, things to do and see and where to stay.

Color Change
This page explains how scientists believe the colors change to give us the annual spectacle of the fall season and how rich it will be, why some are trees are yellow and others red, and why they change completely differently. It's an interesting explanation of prevailing theories.

Preserve a Leaf
This gives you instructions about how you can pick particularly elegant fall foliage leaves and turn them into beautiful keepsakes, gifts, or the components of a collage of leaves that not only retain their textures, but their colors, as well.

The Photo Gallery: How to Take New England Fall Photographs.

Fall Foliage

The photo above is a compilation of different layers of the exact same leaf. The first was brought into Photoshop and the layer duplicated many times over. Each layer was made a different color and rotated to make it appear as if there are many different leaves. But they are all the same one, The NewEnglandTimes.Com logo.

We get lots of requests for fall foliage trip ideas. Unfortunately, we can’t do itineraries, but if you have questions or would like to share your impressions of the fall foliage season, please send an email to jhyde@newenglandtimes.com.

We really hope that this New England fall foliage guide will help you plan for fall activities that give you a trip to remember fondly whether you come up here or stay home and take your New England getaway or New England vacation by mousing through the pages of this fall foliage getaway and vacation guide. Please let us know what you'd like to see in next year's Special New England Fall Foliage Section so we can improve on what we've started. Please email me with your comments at: jhyde@newenglandtimes.com. We'd really love to hear from you.

In short, trying to predict when the fall foliage peak will arrive, how colorful it will be and how long it will hang around are all variables that simply can't be forecast with any great degree of accuracy. Regardless, foliage here in New England is an annual spectacle that has been a crowd-puller for New England for generations.

So far, in Northern Vermont and New Hampshire, the conditions exist to make this year’s New England fall foliage season a blindingly bright, spectacular display worthy perhaps of being the eighth wonder of the world.

There are very encouraging signs that the trees have been taking stock of weather conditions and conferring about when each genus should start cutting off the chlorophyll that greens their leaves and spring into the full-blown season.

When they do, stark yellows, oranges, reds, magentas and gold, just might bring extra color to Mother Nature’s paintbrush this year.

The evergreens too have a role to play. They comprise a different kind of botanical phenomenon. They add to the splendor as green patches punctuating the deciduous-tree countryside around them.

Most people believe that evergreens are pine and fir trees only. Yet they include such genuses as Rhododendrons, Laurel, Mountain Laurel and other like flora, as well. Some genuses actually do shed leaves and pine needles every few months or every few years as new leaves and needles grow constantly.

Discerning the Essence

For my wife Terry and I, the New England fall foliage season has been our season of choice for 33 years, whether the colors have been brilliant and mesmerizing or muted and dull. But this devout affinity has been contagious for centuries.

We’ve tried without luck to capture and understand the essence of exactly what makes us so enamored of this frustratingly short fall foliage season. That we first met in the fall has something to do with it, but we both loved it before then.

Beside the colors, perhaps it’s the autumnal perfume comprising the fragrances of birch, maple and oak smoke rising from chimneys mixing with the heady scent of the last cutting, and fresh, chilly air that ushers in the fall foliage season.

Or maybe it’s the anticipation of soon folding ourselves into comfortable chairs, steaming coffee in one hand, a good book in the other as snow, deep and sparkling, piles up outside. Certainly the coziness of a down comforter on a cold, fall foliage night is a romantic factor.

Obviously, New England comprises a massive amount of territory, and, for those of us who have chosen to cover the region, confronting us is the prickly task of trying to divine exactly when the foliage peak will arrive and how long it will stay. The unknown makes it hard to help you plan your ideal fall foliage getaway. That's especially so with Mother Nature's whimsical and mischievous sense of humor. She cares not that, to the region, New England fall foliage brings the most people.

We've done our best to give you as much information as possible to understand interact with fall foliage and enjoy it as much as Terry and I, and millions of others do each year.

This special New England Fall Foliage guide offers a great deal of information to help you carefully scope out a great leaf-peeking safari.

We wish you all the best and sincerely hope that you have a truly beyond-expectation fall foliage season this year.

Disclaimer: While we have made every effort to give the most accurate directions to the various locations we can in each state tour by checking with Google maps, the latest state maps, books about each state and our own experience, we cannot be held responsible if street names have been changed, if construction is on-going on any route, or routes have changed. We strongly advise you to take a current map with you on any fall foliage tour or trip.


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