Welcome to our New England Fall Foliage Tracking Map for the 2012 New England Fall Foliage Season . Thank you for visiting the New England Fall Foliage Section of We really appreciate your stopping by and hope you find the site helpful in finding key spots from which to leaf peek. This map will be changed frequently for the new 2012 season, and we'll be adding journal comments when changes are check back often to see where peak is. Scroll down to see our Foliage Tracker map. If it looks the same as your last visit, click on the reload button in your browser.

Fall in Vermont

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New England Fall Foliage Map

UPDATE: OUR APOLOGIES: We have been having some server issues, but they are now resolved and the map is current. We apologize for the delay in getting this map up. Northern Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont are now coming into full peak. If you've been putting off coming up here, don't wait much longer to make a reservation to come and see fall at it's finest. Peak is spreading and fast and it's a spectacular fall season. We were worried that drought conditions up here during the summer might impact the saturation levels of the color making them dull, but those fears have gone out the window. If the map below seems to be the same, click on your browser's reload button. Sometimes images get caught in your cache. Bring your cameras. This is going to be a great fall season.

The season has begun in earnest and the leaves are beginning to take on their usual colors, which are far brighter on sunny days. Despite the drought in Vermont, the leaves in the northern part of the state are slowly but surely coming to the fore. Unlike past seasons, however, the reds, yellows and oranges are emerging together. Normally, the reds come first followed quickly by the yellow and orange. We're by no means at peak, but if you come up here to the areas showing where changes are increasing, you'll have a good view of fall unfolding before your eyes.

September 14, 2012

We've just returned from our annual fall foliage tour and we've been somewhat amazed at how Mother Nature is behaving this year. From the tip of northern Vermont to the shores of Long Island Sound in Connecticut, trees are showing signs of turning a bit earlier than normal. Odd, too, is that some tress are changing on one side, but staying green on the other. And in some cases, leaves have fallen off some trees altogether. As we know, this has been a draught year for the country and of all the New England States, Vermont may have suffered more than other New England states. It rank the color yellow on the yellow-to-red draught scale shown by various televised maps. That meant for a shorter growing season for corn and the crops seemed a bit shorter this year.

Region-wide we found that the trees in change were few and far between and some of the yellows beat out the reds. In a normal season, the reds often show first followed by the other colors. While some trees were indeed showing signs of red, more seemed to be yellow. The changes so far are subtle. Only some individual trees showed signs of change while amidst vast amounts of green, but the region overall is beginning to show the signs of a more rapid change.

Because it was a drier season throughout the region, we are hoping that the result will not be more muted colors than normal. the truth is in the peak, and that is nowhere ion sight as yet.

If you are heading up here expecting to see the hills come alive with color, stay put. It is by no means time yet to head into the hinterlands to enjoy nature's technicolor show. Nonetheless less, as peak begin to show, you'll know it here.

DISCLAIMER: We get our information from various sources throughput the region. In some cases, one person's peak is another person's "close to peak." While we do our best to keep up, we are not responsible for changes that may occur.


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