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Massachusetts Fall Foliage

MassachusettsAll of the New England fall foliage state tour pages will be updated throughout the fall. As other seasons and holidays arrive, tours will be added as well. Please check back here often. New tours will be added to the top of the page to cut down on scrolling. For your convenience, we suggest that you bookmark this page. It will help you find it quickly and easily when you return.

Disclaimer: While we have made every effort to give the most accurate directions to the various locations we can by checking with Google maps, the latest state maps, books about each state and our own experience, we cannot be held responsible if street names have been changed, if construction is on-going on any route, or routes have changed. We strongly advise you to take a current map with you on any New England fall foliage tour or trip.

Massachusetts Tours

Massachusetts is the nation's cradle as far as Americans and Europeans are concerned. It was in Plimoth that the English first set foot on Cape Cod's shores. Boston, Concord, Lexington are the towns where the thread of Revolution begins and it was there that, with New York's Ellis Island, the Irish and the italians joined those with British ancestry during the devastating potato famine in Ireland. One of those who came was Patrick Kennedy, who's great grandson would become president of the United States. The state has produced its fair share of Founding fathers, presidents and other great men and women who embraced and innovated to make the Industrial Age a phenomenon that catapulted manufacturing into automation and technology undreamed of just decades before.

Like Maine, there are enough tours in the state to last a lifetime, so we'll get started with where the Revolution began and end where Native Americans and Europeans exchanged arrows and bullets in a quest for a fertile land.

Tour 1

Concord to Deerfield
There can be few trails in New England that are so intertwined by history and beauty as is Route 2 through northern Massachusetts. Route 2 is called the Mohawk Trail and has been a favorite autumnal route for decades if not centuries. Along its path are numerous state parks and forests, each carefully conserved for the enjoyment of animals and humans. This is hardly one of the more complex tours you'll take, but it will be enjoyable for those who love fall's many colors and those who love history.

Starting in Concord, this town's role during the Revolution is well known, and drive northwest on Rte. 2A, Lexington Road. Take a LEFT onto Main Street (Rte 2A and 62) and then a RIGHT onto Elm Street and continue on 2A. Traffic circles are a part of Boston's street construction and can be confusing. You encounter one here that's pretty simple. At the circle, take the third exit onto Rte. 2, Union Turnpike and then follow Rte. 2 west. As you get past Riverside, take a LEFT onto Main Road. Once you cross the river, you'll be in Montague and Avenue A and then Montague City Road, where you'll cross the river again and you'll be on Cheapside Street. Take a very sharp LEFT onto Rtes. 5 and 10 at Greenfield and then head into Deerfield. Once there, I highly recommend a visit to Historic Deerfield to see how we lived in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Tour Two

Sturbridge to Petersham

This tour starts at an appropriate place, Sturbridge. Sturbridge Village is a living history museum, the structures in which were brought from different places throughout New England. The village has been carefully constructed to give guests a very accurate sense of what life was like during the 1800s when New England was a still largely agrarian. So it's a fitting start on a journey to see the resplendent countryside. The trip takes about an hour.

As you leave Sturbridge Village, drive northwest on Main Street, Route 20 to Fiskdale. Take a RIGHT on Rte. 148, Brookfield Road. Stay on 148 to North Brookfield and bear LEFT onto Rte. 67, North Main Street. Bear LEFT onto Rte. 67, which will turn into New Braintree Road, then Barre Road. Go to the intersection with Rte.32and take a sharp RIGHT onto South Street. When you reach Barre, take a LEFT onto Water Street, Rtes. 122 and 32. Continue on Rtes. 122 and 32, which will become Barre Road. Rtes. 122 and 32 fork just before Petersham. Keep going straight into Petersham. There you can enjoy Harvard Forest and Harvard Pond.

This route will take you through plenty of foliage and the enjoyment of having visited Sturbridge Village and Harvard Forest.

Tour Three

Athol to North Adams
Total Time: About 1.5 hours.

Drive west on Rte. 2A, Main Street, which turns into South Main Street on 2A and then New Athol Road after you pass brickyard Road on your RIGHT. Continue on 2A through Orange. Rte. 2A will turn into West Orange Road, then East Main Street. Go a short distance and take your first RIGHT to the Mohawk Trail, Rte. 2. Stay on Rte. 2, which becomes the French King's Highway, just before the river. Continue on Rte. 2, which has switched back to the Mohawk Trail, and merge onto 91 south. Get off Exit 26 and take Rte. 2, the Mohawk Trail through Mohawk Trail State Forest. When you reach West Summit, take a hairpin turn still on Rte. 2. Continue on Rte 2 and take a LEFT on Rtes. 2 and 8 on union Street. Go through Houghtonville and into North Adams.


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