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Great New England Fall Foliage Tours

Maine fall foliageAll of the New England fall foliage state tour pages will be updated throughout the fall. As other seasons and holidays arrive, tours will be added as well. Please check back here often. New tours will be added to the top of the page, to keep scrolling to a minimum. For your convenience, we suggest that you bookmark this page. It will help you find it quickly and easily when you return.

Maine Tours

Obviously, Maine is by far the largest New England state geographically, and within it are myriad tours, so we'll be adding more as indicated above. The tours we offer below now will be so beautiful as to calm the most stressed mind in every respect. You'll not only find your fair share of New England fall foliage, but you'll be passing through some fascinating towns and fishing villages, where, when you look out at the various shoreline bays, you'll expect to see orcas in abundance. We can't say if you will or won't, but you'll see New England in a whole different way in this magnificent state. To assist you on all of the RIGHTs and LEFTs, we've color coded them for you. RIGHT turns will be dark blue color and LEFT turns will be in dark crimson. Both will be capitalized and italicized. Maine fall foliage will be much in abundance, and there's a lot to see, so let's get started.

Tour One
Ellsworth to Penobscot Bay and Castine

From Ellsworth, at the intersection of Bucksport Road bear LEFT onto Route 172, Surry Road. Stay on Route 172 through East Surry until you reach Mountain Road. Take a RIGHT on Mountain Road and keep going on that for about 1.3 miles. Take a RIGHT onto Route 15 (Pleasant Street) and keep going on that until Tamworth farm Road on your LEFT. Take a LEFT onto Tamworth Farm Road until you reach Route 177. Take a RIGHT on 177, which will become Western Country Road. Route 177 ends at South Penobscot. Take a LEFT onto Route 175 (Southern Bay Road) into Penobscot.

When you leave Penobscot, take a LEFT onto Route 175 Southern Bay Road and continue north on Route 175, which will become Bayview Road after you pass North Penobscot Road (Route 199) on your RIGHT. After North Penobscot Road, the routes are 175 and 199. Stay on that. After Sheep Hill Lane on your LEFT, routes. 199 and 175 diverge. Go straight on Route 199 south. It becomes Dunbar Road until it intersects with Route 166. Take a LEFT onto Route 166 south. Stay on Route 166 until it become Castine Road, then State Street. At the intersection of State Street and Court Street, take a RIGHT onto Court Street and into Castine.

Castine is where the Maine Maritime Academy is located, and the entire route is dotted by fishing villages, any one of which make for a good place to stop and take some photographs or just smell the fresh sea air.

Tour Two

Seal Harbor to Bangor and Houlten

This is about a five-hour trip, but it will take you through some pristine and colorful country, as well as get you about as close as you can get to Maine's eastern border with Canada. You'll also begin very near Acadia National Park, where you can see some views beyond breath-taking.

Start by driving west on Route 3 (Peabody Drive) stay on Route 3. You'll go through Asticou, where the route numbers will be 3 and 198 and the road name changes to Sound Drive.

At the end of Sound Drive, take a RIGHT onto routes 102 and 198, Main Street and then Bar Harbor Road until just before Ellsworth, where it becomes High Street. At Ellsworth Falls, bear LEFT onto Route 1A, Bangor Road. Stay on 1A until you get to I-395. Take a LEFT to get onto I-395, then get off at the exit for routes. 9, 1A and 202 (Main Street ) until you reach Bangor. Take a RIGHT and merge onto Main Street, Route 202. Continue on this for about 1.2 miles, then turn RIGHT onto Hammond Street (now Route 2).

From Bangor, get on Route 2 (State Street) east heading toward the Eastern Maine Medical Center. Take a LEFT onto Hogan Road and stay on that until you get on routes I-95 and 185. Stay on 95 for approximately 115 miles. You'll be heading due northeast past the University of Maine and Salmon Stream Lake farther North on your LEFT.

Get off I-95 at Exit 302 and merge onto Route 1, North Street. Follow North Street into the center of Houlton. Were you to stay on I-95, you'd be in New Brunswick Canada in a relatively short time.

Because the I-95 stretch is direct, I selected it as the fastest route. But there are virtually endless opportunities to get off the highway and do some local driving just to change the pace. The country is wild and wonderful and the fall foliage positively awe inspiring. As you can see from the Google map, there's a whole lot of country out there.

Tour Three
Manchester to West Mt. Vernon and Belgrade Lakes to New Sharon

Trip Duration: About an Hour.
Terrain: Lake Country.

This is a relatively short drive compared to some of the other Maine tours, but it takes you through Kennebec territory, one of my favorite historical regions.

Starting in Manchester, drive east on Route 202, Western Avenue and take a LEFT onto Route 17, Readfield Road (later Main St.) until it becomes routes 17 and 41. When you reach Chimney Road, routes 17 and 41 fork, bear RIGHT onto Route 41. Route 41 changes into Pond Road, which takes you to the first stop in West Mt. Vernon.

From West Mt. Vernon, keep driving northwest on Route 41, which eventually turns into Belgrade Road just after you pass Minihonk Lake on your RIGHT. After the lake, Route 41 forks away from Belgrade Road. Bear RIGHT at the fork and stay on Belgrade, which becomes Castle Island Road, which ends at Route 27. Take a LEFT onto Route 27, Main Street until you come to the second stop, Belgrade Lakes.

Leaving Belgrade Lakes, continue north on Route 27, Augusta Road. When you get to Rome Center, Route 27 forks with Route 225. Bear LEFT and stay on Route 27. Augusta Road (Route 27) becomes Mile Hill Road and intersects with Mercer Road. Take a LEFT onto Mercer Road and you'll be in Sharon. You will pass through really extraordinary territory, an area that played a role during the Revolution when Benedict Arnold took large canons into Canada.


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