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As you may have noticed if you’ve been here before, the design of the site is evolving (see below). We want to make it easier for you to make the right decision about where to go, stay and play.

At NewEnglandTimes.Com, we believe that you deserve the very best New England getaway or New England vacation the region has to offer. We work hard to help you plan your vacation because you work hard to take that vacation. That’s why we have in our Lodging Section only what we consider to be truly outstanding places to stay.

New England more than delivers on the pledge, "Something for everyone." Truly, there is so much for everybody it’s nigh impossible to cover it all, but we are always adding new material so we can give you as many choices as possible. any way share your email address to or with anyone.

Maybe you’d like to visit New England this weekend for a quick getaway, or maybe next week for a well-deserved vacation, or perhaps you’d like to ski on Christmas. It matters not how long you stay. What matters is why you’d like to come to New England and what you’d like to do. Be it a weekend, a family excursion or a business trip, the region has anything and everything you could want or need for a memorable slice of time.

In short, New England has more than something for everyone. Trying to see just the historic sites made famous for their role in the Revolution would take weeks if not months. To explore even an eighth of the antique shops here would take a year. And visits to the region’s enthralling museums would take an eternity.


New England MapThe six states comprising New England, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont all have things in common but unique histories. For instance, few people know that before it joined the Union, Vermont became an independent republic after the Revolution, a country of its own. The state had even printed its own money.

Spring in New England gives one an unforgettable sense of Mother Nature restoring herself as she mixes the budding flora’s harmony of fragrances and of rebirth and renewal. The scents from the first cutting, musty and sweet, foretell of the arrival of summer; days warm and soft, of swimming, hiking, biking or reading in a cozy, swaying hammock. Fall’s spectacular colors tell us that Nature is painting from a palette of rich hues, and the chill air warns of the winter’s snows to come.

Choosing where to go, where to stay, where to eat, what to see and do isn’t easy. That’s why we built NewEnglandTimes.Com. and that’s why we made this your site.


If you want to escape the daily drudgery but continue your active nightlife, we have plenty of it here. If fishing, kayaking, hiking, biking, skiing, mountain climbing, canoeing, rock climbing and myriad other sporting challenges are what you seek, every New England state can accommodate you. Or if peace and tranquility are what you long for, we can recommend inns where nighttime stirrings of wildlife and a hoot or two from an owl are the only things to break the near deafening silence.

The beauty of New England is its diversity of people, traditions, ways of life, and flora and fauna. That’s why we write articles about all of those in addition to travel and tourism pieces.

We even have a Real Estate section where you can find a vacation house to rent or one to buy and become a New Englander yourself.

While we may not know what brings you to the region now, we do know that once you’ve been here you’ll be back again to add fantastic new memories and photographs to those you collected on your first and other visit or visits. And if you’re short on photographs, we’ll soon be selling breathtaking photos in our Country Store.


With that in mind, NewEnglandTimes.Com has been designed for you to help you plan out where to go from the perspective of what state(s) to visit, which regions in those state(s) you’d like to see and where to stay once you get here. While that is our primary purpose, we also produce a great deal of content. That’s because, as mentioned, NewEnglandTimes.Com is really an online magazine or Ezine. We have lots of articles in the Ezine section. We will be adding many, many more in the months to come. If you have suggestions or questions about what you’d like to see, please send us an email at jhyde@newenglandtimes.com.

We offer listings of places to stay, do, but do it in a way that we hope takes as much of the stress out of the planning as possible. We are proud to be partnering with New-England-Vacations-Guide.com, where you will find an amazing assortment of well-written articles about the many wonderful things one can see and do here New England.


Obviously, you need to know where you’re headed, why you want to go there, how you’ll get there and where you’ll stay. Only you know why you want to come here, so let’s launch the planning about where to go with the states.

Connecticut Regions1. CHOOSE A STATE OR STATES Let’s start by choosing a state or states that offer you the most of what you’re seeking. For instance, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island have natural boundaries, beaches lapped by Long Island Sound or the Atlantic Ocean. or Vermont, on the other hand, has plenty of lakes but is landlocked. But they all have so much to offer for all of the seasons of the year.

Each state has a State Home Page and a State Regions Home Page. The State Home Page tells you about the state in general, some of its history and some of the inns in that state. The State Regions pages are set by each state’s Chamber of Commerce. Just click on a Region and it will tell you what’s available to see and do there for the ultimate and memorable New England getaway or New England getaways, from which there are a great many to choose.

2. LODGING: Next, you need to find a place to stay. There are three types of lodging pages for you on NewEnglandTimes.Com.

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The Lodging Home Page, where all of our Marketing Partners have their listings from all states. Then there’s a B&B Inn Page, a Hotel Page a Spas and Resorts Page and a Camping Page. These are all broken down by state. Many of them have "Availability" and "Reservation" links.

You can click on "Availability" to find out if there are openings for the time you want to visit. When you find the inn you want and it has an opening for you, you can click on the "Reservations" link. If those links don’t appear, you can go to their Web site, call them or send them an email to reserve your room.


We’ve made it very easy for you to book a room here at NewEnglandTimes.Com. Simply click on one of the states below, and you’ll be taken to a list of towns within that state. Click on a town, and you’ll see hotels listed. You can compare pricing, accommodations and what towns and things to do and see are nearby.

Click on any of the states below to go to a list of towns. Select a town and choose an accommodation.

Alternatively, on the B&B and Resort and Spa pages in our Lodging Section, the Featured and Special Listings often have "Reservation" links that will enable you to book a room by clicking on that. More and more listings are added each month to all of the New England getaway and New England vacations spots, so check back frequently for more listings. One way or another, we will help you find what you are looking for.

In addition, we are working now on a completely and expansive NEW SECTION that will offer you a number of suggested New England getaways we’ve experienced ourselves that will greatly assist you in knowing where to go, where to stay and what to see and do in this remarkable region of the country.

If you do make a reservation through NewEnglandTimes.Com, please tell the innkeeper that you heard about them from us.

Again, our thanks for stopping by. Click here to return to the Home Page.


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By this point you pretty well know what you want to do, but we have What To See and What To Do sections that are undergoing some fattening up with more for site seers and folks drawn to the region for its activities. Our partner site, new-england-vacations-guide.com is where you’ll find superb articles about all kinds of things to do and see, tours to take and how to explore on your own. We are proud of our Museum Page


Stoweflake Resort & Spa

Located in one of America's most sensational, natural paradises, the Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa in Stowe, Vermont offers the ultimate, year-round vacation experience. With its celebrated world-class spa, luxurious accommodations, award-winning restaurants and friendly, attentive staff, the Stoweflake is unrivaled as New England's premier spa/resort destination.

Since 1865, Mountain View has offered visitors a memorable experience. Following a $20 million restoration in 2002, the Mountain View once again welcomes guests in grand style with all the state of the art amenities that today's travelers expect from a Four-Diamond destination resort.


QuickStart Guide

Four Simple Steps to Planning the Perfect New England Getaway or Vacation.

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