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If you are looking for the best guide to the fall foliage season in Vermont, where to stay, where to go and what to see, then this is the book for you. In Ultimate Guide to Fall in Vermont if chock full of all kinds of information about fall in the state of Vermont.

Within its pages are:
- The 5 Vermont regions with maps including intensive information about the best of each region’s lodging and things to see and do.
- 10 scenic driving tours with maps that showcase beautiful hidden villages with stops along the way for sights, entertainment and great shopping opportunities.
- The best of Vermont lodging from spas and resorts to value bed and breakfast accommodation close to celebrated foliage destinations and listed by towns.
- How to ensure you see peak foliage during your visit.
- Learn the science behind how and why leaves change color as they do.
- Popular fall festivals that showcase the best of the state’s crafts, produce, agriculture heritage.
- Simple tips from the experts for taking memorable fall photographs with any camera. Some of our favorite photographs appear throughout the book.
- How to plan your trip that includes: what to pack, and items you must not forget to bring. It also offers information about weekend and day trips.

While Ultimate Guide to Fall in Vermont is published for Kindle, you can read it on the Kindle Cloud at Amazon. Or, if you'd like to read it on your computer offline, you can download Kindle software for your Mac or for your PC. If you are planning to visit Vermont this fall, then this is the book to own. Order now!

What People Are Saying about Utimate Guide to Fall in Vermont

Invaluable source of information
The book has masses of information and a huge amount of links to quality accomodation, fairs, events and attractions. The authors know what they are talking about - the description of the drive down route 100 is exactly as I remember and has whetted my appetite to do it again.—JoeAt7

Great Guide to New England
The guide gives great tips for stops along the way and events to see. I can't wait to use it in a few weeks when I travel to New England to hopefully see the fall leaves colors. Great job by the authors and I highly recommend this to anyone who is contemplating a trip to the Northeast—Richard G

Ultimate guide to fall in Vermont
This is the best guide book of Vermont in the Fall. Obviously a lot of research and time on the road is the result of this must have book!—Tenley van der Wal

Great Guide
Excellent guide, full of helpful information. Planning a trip to Vermont this fall with a group and this guide has been a tremendous help. Looking forward to visiting Vermont and with this guide we're sure to make the best of our visit.—Leo

Ultimate Guide to Fall in Vermont: Where to Go, Stay and What to See to Enjoy the Best Fall Foliage in Vermont
This book is excellent in so many ways that it is easy to recommend. From the delightful and inviting introduction to Vermont through the abundant suggestions for scenic drives, places to stay, attractions and activities.—Elaine and Jerry

The Only Guide You Need for a Trip to Vermont in the Fall
I'm especially pleased with the way the various road trips are described. With this as a guide we can more effectively plan our time and, coupled with your extensive list of places to stay, we can make reservations accordingly. Thanks for this comprehensive guide to the fall in Vermont.—Steve T


NewEnglandTimesAs you may have noticed if you've been here before, the site has been re-designed to accommodate more material so you can make the right decision about where to go, stay, eat and play for your New England getaways, especially for the New England fall foliage season. We're employing a phased in approach, so as soon as we get a section of the site done, up it goes. We're working our hardest to get everything updated as soon as is possible.

Our Where to Stay or New England Lodging Section is up. We offer several ways of finding the best place to stay for your New England getaways. If a B&B inn strikes your fancy, you can see the growing number of inns on NewEnglandTimes.Com or on the B&B page in each of the State Sections. If you'd like to do some camping, you can find campgrounds here and on the state pages, and the same goes with Resorts and Spas and we have a Real Estate Section where you can find a broker or property in which you might be interested. You can rent a house for a week or buy one as a vacation home—the ultimate New England getaway. In addition, you'll find that we've added some specialty combinations, especially on the state pages where, for instance, you might find an Alpaca Keep that doubles as a B&B inn. Our goal is to provide as much diversity for New England getaways as we possibly can. New England does offers something for everyone, so we're doing our best to help you find what is best for you and help you plan your New England getaways. (Continued here.)


We can thank the glaciers that retreated centuries ago for the majestic mountain ranges and sprawling coastline that New Englanders enjoy today. From Vermont's Green Mountains to New Hampshire's White Mountains to Massachusetts' Berkshires - and everywhere in between - New England is all about distinctive natural beauty. Combined with its rich history and distinctive culture, it's not hard to see why New England is such a popular vacation destination. And from quaint family-owned and operated bed and breakfasts to the most luxurious ski and timeshare resorts, there's accommodation suited to any preference and any budget. Many of the most popular resorts in New England offer timeshares, a popular option for those who vacation in New England regularly, and with the selection of New England timeshares currently available on the resale market, there are many great deals available for savvy vacationers.

Many people looking for a great place to stay for their New England getaways often begin their searches based on what a buddy recommended. "We went to The Sleep Well B&B, and man, it was fantastic." He or she may well be right. That's what they think is great, but is it the right type of place for your New England getaway? That's right, the right type of place?

Accommodation CollageEverybody has different tastes and things or conditions that make them happy. While a B&B may be ideal for romantic New England getaways, it may not be for the "nuclear family,"Mom, Dad, 2.3 children and Bubba, your Chihuahua. A hotel, motel, large inn, camp ground or rented house may be far more suitable and compliant with your budget. Given today's gas prices, most of your budget will go to that (see story below).

I'm not saying there aren't B&B Inns out there who have no objections to kids and the dog, but the majority don't and many have stringent rules. One B&B inn in Vermont insists that guests not sit on the bed. Since most people sit before they lie down, I guess at this inn, you have to dive into bed. But you need to take into consideration not just where you want to go, what amenities (besides the chocolate on the pillow are available and what points of interest might be nearby).

It takes some research to make your decision about your destination for New England getaways. To read more about how to select the right place to stay, check out What's the Best Place to Stay for you and your family? You may be pleasantly surprised at how little it can cost depending on what's perfect for you.



Agriculture is a classroom! Fort Hill Farms and The Farmer's Cow can't miss an opportunity to educate consumers about farming, farmers, and our life and world, so we put it into an 8-acre maze! If the teacher were a cow, what would she teach you in school? It's all in the maze, and you will have an a-maze-ingly awesome time learning! If you have kids under 8, we recommend the Mini-Moo-Maze, which is a half-hour Labyrinth, and $7 apiece. The bigger maze is 1 1/2 hours, $12 for adults and $10 for all kids under 12.

Our maze is AGricultural, not AGgravating! For one, you don't go into life thinking "how do I get out?" so you don't go into our maze thinking how to get out; you go in thinking, "This journey is going to be awesome, and I can't wait to find the next desk which will have the answer for my gamesheet.

Life is a journey---and a Puzzle! So is the maze! You are never lost for more than 5 minutes at a time, you always have markers along your way, kind of like life!  :)

Call 860-923-3439 for more info and group rates. Oh! By the way, we are not a haunted maze! We are absolutely open at Halloween, but don't come thinking that anyone will be jumping out at you, that just ruins our maze, and ruins it for everyone who wants to enjoy the journey. We open in August so that you will realize we are so much more than a holiday in October.

Fort Hill Farms is located at: 260 Quaddick Road Thompson, CT 06277 Phone: 860-923-3439 Fort Hill Farms Hours: Daily 9am to 9pm Click Here for Map

It is the distinctiveness of the cultural imperatives that brings us proudly together as New Englanders, and yet we cling steadfastly to the substance and faith of our individual state's roots, especially at this time of year when New England fall foliage is in bloom.

People travel here for New England getaways on weekends or New England vacations to break free from the ever-constricting bands of stress made evermore taught daily. They come to revel in unique tourism, history, folklore and lifestyles that make New England distinct from all other regions of the land. They come for golf, the perfume of a plush and flowery spring, boating, hiking, biking, fishing, lush views, mountains beckoning to be climbed and the alpine slides at ski areas that entertain in summer while awaiting winter's snows. They come for the staggering colors Nature paints her trees in the fall, foliage envied worldwide, and in winter, they come for the skiing.

They come also for the mystical ambience, to visit museums, tour one or all six states, to see famous landmarks and objects of legend. They come to see the nation's cradle, where its history was born and to antique auto shows, craft fairs, farmers' markets, antique shops, and on and on.

They come to take the kids to such agritourism sites as Fort Hill Farms (left) where they can learn about the environment and farming in the corn maze, go to water parks or children's museums, or just to relax by treating themselves to New England getaways on weekends at a quaint B&B, a lovely hotel or the ultimate—a week's New England vacation at a spa and resort where the steely bands of stress are broken and those who come here are put back in touch with the essence of who they really are.

New England is a region that has cornucopias of things to do and see for every member of the family, including New England fall foliage spots such as Fort Hill Farms in Connecticut. It's quintessentially patriotic as the tinderbox where the sparks of Revolution first flew. And it's mysterious and enchanting.

It is New England that all should put high up on the list of places to visit during one's life. NewEnglandTimes.Com takes you to the doorways that open to how to get here, places to stay, eat, play, see and do and then leave it up to you to do anything you want on your New England getaways.

Enjoy visiting New England virtually here as you explore the pages on our site from your living room or office, then come and visit and take home with you experiences and memories you'll cherish for life.

Welcome, friends. Sit and stay a while.


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Bill is a 24-year veteran in the Real Estate industry and has been one of the top 5 RE/MAX agents in Massachusetts for ten out of the last eleven years. He covers the entire Metrowest region including: Milford, Hopkinton, Holliston, Ashland, Southboro, Westboro, Grafton, Medway, Franklin, Framingham and Northbridge. Visit his his Web site for comprehensive information about selling or buying a home.

Whether you have a property to sell or your're looking to buy in the Metrowest region of Massachusetts, Bill Gasett is someone you should talk to.

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Real Estate Guide magazineFor frequently updated Vermont real estate listings, visit our sister site,, the Web site of Real Estate Guide magazine.


The site has been designed to help you create your dream week or weekend New England getaways in our amazing, diversified, superb region. We start by helping you decide which state or states to visit. You can start your search for a New England getaway with the Quick Start Guide in the upper right-hand corner of this page, or start with a particular state. There are maps on both the state and state regions pages broken down to help you pinpoint exactly where you want to go for the ideal New England getaway. The maps on the Regions pages are numbered to conform to those in the departments of Tourism for each state. Clicking on a number will take you to a description of the region, what you can do and see there and where you can stay for the best New England getaway. In many cases, there are listings for places to stay under the region, placed there for your convenience.

Click on the state or states of your choice and then on its region's page, where you can find places to stay, and lots to do and see. Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.


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